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I'm not going at this alone, in a variety of ways. I'm receiving assistance from numerous sources, and I'd like to name them here.

Development Tools

Python (get it at www.python.org)

wxPython (get it at www.wxpython.org)

Emacs (fixme: add link)

Linux (get it at tons of places, like www.gentoo.org or www.debian.org)

Cygwin (get it at www.cygwin.com)

SourceForge (find it at www.sourceforge.net, or click on the image down below)

Development People/Ideas

I'm no web designer. My website was designed by Phlash at OSWD, (Open Source Web Development). I haven't met Phlash, but I did meet the OSWD guys at LinuxWorld, at the Dot-Org Pavilion, back in 2002, and they're a great bunch.

Railroading Books and Magazines

Armstrong (fixme: add more details)

Chubb (fixme: add more details)

Wasn't there another Armstrong book? (fixme: add more details)

Dispatcher's Office (fixme: add more details)

Trains Magazine (fixme: add more details)

Model Railroader (fixme: add more details)

Online Information

Ry-Ind list (fixme: add link)

People (alphabetically)

Mike Dodd (from the Ry-Ind list)

Dave Husman (from the Ry-Ind list)

Linda Sand (from the Ry-Ind list)

Charlie Wlk (from the Ry-Ind list)

fixme: add more (from the Ry-Ind list)

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